AIMCAT Solution. Uploaded by. mannika. Q Moral Delimma mannika. AIMCAT Question Paper. Uploaded by. mannika. Cost Accounting. Is dat variation in accuracy in va in aimcats normal, considering dat va in cat I thought this was supposed to be a chat for AIMCAT and not general. AIMCAT QA YouTube 2. Add a comment no plus ones. no shares. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Unable to load.

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Is it true that nowadays many colleges give preference to students with non-engineering background? It varies from time to time, and depends on difficulty level of the paper.

Sir,This Aimcat was a shocker for me,not because of its difficulty level or else We had Aimcats tougher than this! I am really hopeless and not able to think about which college I need to apply. This will get you the i organisation of the passage ii the key ideas and thought-flow iii the central idea iv the style and v the tone. You need to keep your focus from now on and always ensure that you cover the entire paper and not leave any question unread.

And, you cannot go by last years paper s. LR-have solved all time material still don’t know how to tackle new sets. Look at maximising your score – attempt as many as possible, accurately.

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The panel can go upto 7 people who will take turns to ask u personal interview questions. Alexandrine, which is a verse or line of aimcxt of twelve syllables, is the odd man out.


Ideal for the students parth: Will be grateful for any help! Login Free Sign Up. But it may not necessarily guarantee a call though. Masters In Business Administration 1.

For Reading Comprehension, In the exam, run through the question lines related to each passage this will give you a rough idea of the content of the passage, and of the types of questions.

We are a leading online government exam test portal in India offering free Practice, Mock and aptitude Tests for Government examinations. MBA with work ex is not important.

Sir, for quants is time material enough. Does crossing the cut off means a call from IIM?? Who is online Users browsing this forum: For RC Passages, In the exam, run through the question lines related to each passage this will give you a rough idea of the content of the passage, and of the types of questions. Com Nov 1, The tests are designed in such a way that you can get the feeling of the actual CAT exam in your home itself.

No pls apply for CMAT as well. Great thanks in advance!

aimcat 1320 pdf editor

109 – detafb. I recently gt done with my SM booklets on quant and towards d end f it,i was able to scale up to 80 percentlile Instead one should try to attempt as many questions as possible, accurately. Work on the findings. These fall in the top 25 institutes of the country. Is it ok to leave these 2?. It will help when it has to.

For this case, everybody got at least 5 chocolates and also a unique number of chocolates. It will put you under needless pressure. No registered users and 9 guests. To overcome this problem, practice more timed tests and get used to the time pressure.


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CMAT opens up many more options. Find official website, address, phone number and email. This means there are huge loopholes in your understanding of concepts. This preview has intentionally blurred sections. I have experienced that the aimcats which i give from home result in better score than those which I give at the TIME centre.

These are good signs. I have sent you the mail from my official email id: Immediately after the exams on Sept or after the Feb exams, selecting the best scores of the two attempts. You should look at picking up your GK while doing your general reading. I am not able to get any answers in the RC passages.

My final advice – give it your best shot, irrespective of your reservation status. For word usage questions, the contextual usage of the word is important as well as grammatical errors articles, pronouns, prpeositions, idiomatic usage etc etc.

Today I am sharing my bad experience on this online education website name “time4education.

Please suggest ways to improve this situation. If you think reading 3 RCs is too much for you, then target 2 – because even to pick easy Qs out of the third, you got to read it.

We have millions aimczt of Ebook Files urls from around the world Login; Login.