As such, the IRB has amended the Form CP to allow a taxpayer to inform the IRB of its ‘SME’ status without furnishing the estimate of tax payable. A similar. e-Filing of Form CP AND CPA For the purpose of tax administration, the IRB has confirmed that SMEs are still required to submit the Form CP Continuation from Income Tax Deadlines for Companies (Part 1) 4. Revision of estimates A revised estimate of tax payable may be furnished to.

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For example company with year end on 31 December must submit the tax returns by 31 July.

Malaysia: IRB issues guideline for submission on e-Filing of Form CP204 AND CP204A

The tax returns submitted will not subject to a detailed review by the Inland Revenue Board and the tax returns are deemed to be a notice of assessment Section 90 1B. Failure to submit a tax return will constitute an offence under the Income Tax Act and upon conviction, taxpayer will be liable to a fine ranging from Foem However, if no prosecution is initiated, the taxpayer may require to pay penalty equal to a treble the amount of tax which is payable before any set-off, prepayment or relief for that year.


Section 3 a. A company is require to estimate their tax each year by filling up the Form CP each year 30 days before the beginning of the basis period. The tax estimate MUST not less than the previous year. However, NEW flrm is require to submit the CP within 3 months from the date of commencement of its business. A company is still require to submit the CP within the stipulated deadline even if it expected its estimate of tax to be NIL. Upon submitting the CP corporate taxpayer is require to pay tax on 12 equal monthly instalments.

Commencing on the second month from the closing of its financial year end.

Example company year end on 30 June, then the first instalment will be on the 10 of August of the following year. However, where a company first commence operation, its first instalment will commence from the 6th month of the basis period. The revision to the first estimate can be made on the 6th month or 9th month of its basis period by submitting the prescribed Form CPA.

Where the revised estimate exceeds the amount of instalment paid to date, the difference shall be payable in the remaining months of the instalment scheme. Conversely, when fomr revised less than tax instalment paid to date, taxpayer may discontinue with the original instalment scheme. We offer your best We offer initial free consultation.


NBC Group – How to calculate Tax Estimate for CP?

The services that we provide as set out below. How is the tax estimate be paid?

When is the due date for each instalment? On the 10th of every month.

When can tax be revised? When is the final tax need to be paid? Engage a professional firm of accountants mean you can be assured of our quality standard services.

Malaysia Taxation Junior Diary: Estimation of Tax Payable (CPA)

We do help clients to form a new Sendirian Berhad Limited companysole proprietor and partnership. Each sendirian berhad Limited Company need to have a company secretary, we do offer this services after incorporating the new company. Advice on method of account keeping and record keeping which is an essential part of the current tax regime of the Self Assessment System. We provide advice on tax planning and tax related dp204. Convert our knowledge into value which will benefit our clients.