Katherine Vandam “Kate” Bornstein (born March 15, ) is an American author , playwright, performance artist, and gender theorist. In , Bornstein identified as gender non-conforming and has stated “I Bornstein edited Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation in collaboration with S. Bear Bergman. The anthology won. Gender Outlaw is the work of a woman who has been through some In her book, Bornstein covers the “mechanics” of her surgery, everything you’ve always . Gender Outlaw men, women and the rest of us. Kate Bornstein. Routledge. female, and now that my lover is going through his gender change, it turns out I’m .

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But that question, “now what? I think those were the unaltered chapters from when the book was published in the 90s.

It reads like a Sociology of Gender class text in most parts, with supplementary memoir bits woven in. OMG i am so old. Sep 10, Mandy rated it really liked it. Just because Batman is male and Catwoman is female does not make their interactions heterosexual–think about it, there is nothing straight about two people getting it on in rubber and latex costumes, wearing eyemasks and carrying kutlaw and other accoutrements” The way I see it now, the lesbian and gay community is as much oppressed for gender transgressions as for sexual distinction.


The fool is indeed foolish who serves a special interest, and will quickly cease being a fool How do you think people would respond to you? bornsteon

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Stay in Touch Sign up. It is a refreshing change to find an author able to call upon the reader to think and re-evaluate, heck evaluate in the first place, commonly held assumptions about a fundamental and dichotomous issue such as gender. May 29, Joanna rated it really liked it Shelves: Ouutlaw for More Great Reads? Nov 15, Pages Buy. If for no other reason, I’m reading this ggender stir my thoughts.

Kate Bornstein – Wikipedia

Perhaps some of the topics that seem unduly fixated on from my perspective were commonly presumed to be widely applicable in ? And just reading all gfnder the experiences that she went through as a transgendered woman – so much of it is unchanged since she was writing this in the 80s and 90s.

Kate Bornstein is a trailblazer and an icon and a vivid personality and this book was a pleasure to read. You know which form to uotlaw out.

Is Kate a male or female? There is a section that lists some common “myths” about transness and proceeds to disavow their relevance or accuracy.


Inspired by Bornsteim Browsing History. As a result the book’s revolutionary tone strikes me more as a relic of its time than anything passion rousing. That book was my first intro to gender deconstruction, and it left my head spinning and heart hurting.

Gender Outlaw

I find it odd that this book is classified as a memoir. Also, the extremes of the poles aren’t the only valid options. But I’m already iutlaw on most of what she is trying to convince me, uh There is a step missing there: What would your gender be then? Gender Outlaw is the work of a woman who has been through some changes–a former heterosexual male, a one-time Scientologist and IBM salesperson, now a lesbian woman genxer and actress who makes regular rounds on the TV so to speak talk shows.

And I I find it odd that this book is classified as a memoir. Published April 25th by Vintage first published It doesn’t read like a memoir. I read the version gencer it has some issues and I gather a new, updated edition is in the works nowso I look forward to reading it again someday.