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Python, MySQL, Java, Android, user interface, database, data transfer, air temperature and humidity sensor, wnalize system. Systems graphical interface was created using Django framework, that was configured with a PostgreSQL database and an Apache server.

Color determination of the pieces and points determination of the board techniques are applied for fast video surveillance system. The tracking is disturbed by the change in light intensity. Test the effectiveness of existing improved method compared to proposed method.

Vilnius,konjurentu p. The main objective completed successfully, all tasks were successfully implemented. Vilnius,58 pages, 34 illiustations, 12 tables, 30 bibl. Goal of master thesis is to analyse existing methods for brain analysis, in detail analyse two methods, improve one method, so that it would work with available data.

Students name, surname Marius Lunius.

Reklamos davėjo vaidmuo ir poveikis internetinės žiniasklaidos turiniui: telekomunikacijų atvejis

In this work, 3 direct-propagation convolutional neural networks are created using open source libraries. End result — created system, which is capable of receiving input, processing it, and outputting to graphical user interface.


Vilnius,58 p.

The thesis consists of: Students name, surname Tomas Simanaitis. Analysis of the task, the review of analogous systems, the creation electronic notebook, the realization of electronic notebook, the verification electronic notebook, the summary of results Thesis consist of: Structural and functional schemes are created.

Portera piecu spēku analīze

Main goal is to create a system which could detect dogs in prohibited areas using microcomputer Raspberry Konurentu with a camera attached to it. According to the task there was a web application for monitoring and analysis of user behaviour user interface and user experience created and applied. The paper contains systems functional diagram and sketches of the graphical user interface. The aim of the final bachelor thesis was to design and produce a energy-efficient smart home monitoring system.

Subject Portable Digital Oscilloscope. Atlikus matuoklio prototipo bandymus, nustatyta nepilnas sistemos funkcionalumas. Herein, nanostructured and nanowire metamaterials are investigated. The data for system testing analizze prepared. At work mentioned similar irrigation systems and work principles knkurentu it. Department of Electronic Systems. To access database we have used web link PhpMyAdmin. Antrame etape naudojant Google Cardboard biblioteka sukurtos papildomos projekto funkcijos.

Systems prototype is functioning correctly and can be used in application.

The thesis consists of 39 pages of text without appendixes, 15 figures, 2 tables, 50 reference entries, 1 appendix Keywords: The stages of training, validation, and testing were carried out. Vilnius,60 p. Students name, surname Robert Kirilin. Students name, surname Edgaras Kazimieras Kazlauskas. Rengiami duomenys sistemos patikrai.


The software satisfies the requirements of the assignment: When all components were combined on a two-sided printed circuit board while performing the initial check of the notebook, it was found that the prototype has defects. The final equipment was assembled and tested. It was determined that segmentation efficiency depends on the image resolution, object size and it’s position with respect to the camera.

Atskirai pridedami darbo priedai.

Portera piecu spēku analīze — Vikipēdija

Object tracking, tabletop game tracking, tabletop game objects recognition, image segmentation, OpenCV. Koonkurentu synchronisation and change, along with amplitude and time base change, and frequency and electric voltage calculation were created.

Master’s thesis was to show the blockchain technology novelty, applicability and relevance of these days and explore the opportunities of video clips, pictures and annotations associated with the content. Vilnius,61 p. Students name, surname Benas Milinskas. Text without appendixes, 42 illustrations, 12 tables, 22 program codes. The client side application is adapted to be usable by both mobile and desktop devices.