Sep 26, After years of waiting, the MacGruber 2 script is officially being written by Jorma Taccone and star Will Forte, but it’s in the very early stages. Sep 26, Finally, the clouds have parted and the sun has shined down on a script for ‘ MacGruber 2.’ A sequel to the comedy might just be. Product Description. This script was hand-signed in person by the above referenced entertainer. The glossy cover page has been hand signed by the celebrity.

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May I take your coat? I don’t know what you’re talking about. We truly appreciate your support. Okay, can we get on with your deaths now? Making a little distraction. The van explodes, killing the team and MacGruber is removed from the case.

What did you think of my eulogies?

Don’t worry, this is nothing like Nicaragua. You can watch me fuck something. Then after graduation, he got engaged to her. Now that’s the guy I want you to check out. There’s, like, a million wires in here. MacGruber convinces Piper to form a scrippt team, now including Vicki. Because I believe in what you’re doing. I can’t stop thinking about that envelope that Senator Garver got. That’s what it is every time I get it.


Now let’s see what happens. Look, Jim, this has gotta be some kind of distraction so he can use the X I know what you’re planning, you frigging turd.

Jorma Taccone teases Macgruber 2 script in a Twitter photo |

I need you, Frank. I’m sorry, I’ve started over. Oh, I would love to, but scriot van’s pretty full. Okay, so it’s not a plan. And he took that from me.

What the hell is that? Well, Colonel, I’m sorry I let you down. So we’re gonna see if we can’t make some contacts, gather some intel? She was actually carrying his child at the time. Well, I owed you one. It’s a good macrguber.

A love that heals in times of sickness. Last time I saw you, you had a grenade launcher in one hand and an M in the other. MacGruber teams up with Piper and Vicki St. Hey, Cunth, suck your own dick.

Oh, my God, is he dead? This is a very tall order. Mozambique, Nicaragua and Sierra Leone.


The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

I’ll let you take this one, Vick. That’s a pretty gross way to look at it. Look, you’ve been through a very traumatic experience. And I’m at the counter, so just gonna order now. Yeah, magcruber kind of did. Otherwise things are going to get real smelly here later on. I will macgrubre your 25, and raise you Just give me one good reason, Vick. What I am good with is kicking ass and ripping maxgruber. They actually thought he was mentally handicapped. You’re being too hard on yourself. I want my mommy!

Nothing bad has happened yet. I am trying to help here! Shove it in my mouth. Don’t do it for yourself. If we’re gonna draw this bastard out, he’s gotta think he’s got eyes on the real live MacGruber.

Dixon Piper Powers Boothe as Col. Yep, he’s gonna use it to buy the passcodes.